Carlin holding the new book!

Hello, my name is Carlin Comm :)

(no, really!)

Welcome to my NEW "home" on the internets. Since you found me, I'll give you a quick tour here...

Carlin's Blog is where you'll find "All Things Carlin". If I see something funny or interesting or motivational, I'll post it there. If something cool is happening in my life, a new project, or what ever I'll put it there. So if you want to know more about what makes me tick, that would be a good place to start.

The news for now is all about my upcoming Motorcycle Adventure Tour... thingy.... Click on Green Dragon for more details.

Some of my projects and books:

Click to check out Carlin's Books! Who would have thought that I was an author. Believe me, I'm as surprised as many of you are! So, check out the Desert Storm Diaries link, it got published in April 2009. @TinaMc is my editor, she's awesome!

Then in November 2009, AMTRAK, Twitter and Urban Camping , based on a quick trip I took from Tacoma, WA to San Luis Obispo and San Diego, CA. "So, there was this girl... I think a lot of stories could be explained that way!" Hows that for a good start to a book? Go check out the blog, and if you're thinking of doing any travel, especially now with the economy being a bit tweaky, you'll want to buy the book! I show you a lot of handy tips for saving a LOT of money on your next vacation! Some of them you'll even want to try :)

"Either write something worth reading
or do something worth writing."
Benjamin Franklin

My Next Book - Mars Blogs ... I was planning to have that done by end of 2009. Then Life happened! But I'm still writing it, I'll try to keep you all posted. Be sure to check that out if you are at all interested in Mars, Space Exploration, Human Advancement, adventures...

I shot a video documentary right after Hurricane Katrina and Rita hit. There is a blog with more info here - Documentary - Survivors Stories. Its a good story!

Thanks for visiting!