Help :) Need Beer Money! Or Cheeseburgers!

This offer has expired - But Read the story anyway :)

So, here's the deal - I'm on an Epic Adventure. I've been tweeting about it, but briefly, I took a Train from Tacoma, WA to San Luis Obispo, CA, to shoot a wedding. The wedding paid enough to cover my expenses for the trip and in theory some extra for food and fun, but I, being a photographer, I spent all that money, plus some more and bought a new shiny camera!

I'm actually going to be writing a book based on this Epic Adventure shortly, because, well, it is Truly Epic, and as Adventures goes, this one is a doosey! There has been long walks carrying gear (to save $$ vs taxi or bus), there will be some "urban camping" otherwise known as sleeping on the beach or park or sidewalk, etc. But for now I have wifi, and life is pretty good, due to my great friend Samantha putting me up in a Motel 6. Thanks Sam! . We had planned to go camping, but due to a serious family emergency, that probably won't happen. My thoughts are with you!

So, the offer, for anyone who chooses to share in my adventure (it's really Epic, did I mention that?) is not only will you get an autographed copy of my Desert Storm Diaries book, for only $10, including Free Shipping (regular $17.95 plus shipping) BUT you'll get a free copy of my next book when it comes out soon. How cool is that? And trust me, this Epic Adventure is one you'd much rather read about than actually follow me around on in person!

Now, there is a chance I may not actually buy beer with the money from these book sales, there is a chance I may actually by food. I do have enough food, in the form of Granola Bars (from Costco, they're really good!) to last me until I get home, but a cheese burger is such a nice change now and then right?

I'll be posting some pics shortly of my adventure so far, and then also from the beach when I get down to San Diego.

Its really amazing what lengths I'll go through to get out of the house for a few days, ya know? Aren't you glad I bring you along on these Adventures virtually??

Oh, and there is a good chance I won't see that you bought the book until I get home, which is fine, because the books are at home anyway! But I will have access to the PayPal money because I have one of those cool PayPal debit cards, so will be good to go! So the books will ship out beginning of August, or maybe a bit later if my current stock sells out. But don't worry, we can always make more!

Thanks for reading, and as always, Thank you for your Support!

See? I'm a Real Person!

Thanks! Carlin :)
PS Be sure to follow me on Twitter, I'll be txting my updates in real time!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2009-07-24 21:11:29