Planning my Escape

Ok, for anyone who is following along, this is my map for my big move to California. If you don't know about my move to California, well, that's probably because I've been busy, so I haven't posted much about it yet! I'll go write up another blog post about that in a few minutes, so look for it! Anyway, I'll probably make some references to this when I'm tweeting from the road, like I'm at checkpoint B or something.

The letters are all Costco Gas Stations, handy right? I can do 400 miles to a tank on my van, but figured I'd be loaded pretty heavy, so I put the stops much closer together. Lots of margin, less walking that way!

Since I have no idea what time I'll be done packing, I don't know if I'll pack, then sleep, then leave, or pack, then shower then leave, or just pack and leave and take a nap on the way somewhere. I have driven that far in one shot plenty of times, its only about a 15 hour drive, and most of its on I-5, so that's super simple driving there. But if I happen to be driving over night or have to wait for a gas station to open, I will probably take a nap.

The trick will be loading my van, so that I can still sleep in it! I won't be able to sleep on the seat in the back, cause it will be buried under computers and tools and boxes full of priceless stuff... but I have a plan! I think I can stack things up fairly flat, and then stick my futon mattress on top of the stuff, then just crawl up on top of the pile and be all cozy. We'll see, I'll post back later on how that goes!

Ok, I promised an explaination on why I'm moving, so for that I'll write a new post... stay tuned! Oh, and for my updates from the road, be sure to follow me on Twitter! Go here, Now!

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By Carlin Comm posted on 2009-08-25 02:17:25