Adventures of Carlin the Pool Boy... Day 1

This could be a fun segment, we'll see how much interest there is! Oh and I'm also considering setting up a web cam, maybe do a pay per view...

So, I've never lived in a place that had a pool before, so I'm kind of getting used to all of what is involved. A couple days ago I added these Chlorine tablets... they looked a lot like the urinal pucks at the truck stop. I might have found a cheaper source for those!

Anyway, the 2 floats were completely empty, so I found the "pucks" and figured out how to get the floats open, drop in 3 pucks, and slide the float back into the water. First one, no problem. Hey I'm good at this! Grab the second float, and of course its slightly different... figure out the child proof top on it, drop in the pucks, pop the top back on, and with a bit more enthusiasm and flair, I launch the dispenser into the deep end of the pool. My happy dance is interrupted as I notice the pucks floating down to the bottom, along with the top of the float.

Hmmm... my first thought is, hey, that still should work right? well, maybe, but then again, the guy who invented the float might have had a reason for making it, so I look and find the dipper strainer thingy, and manage to fish out the pucks before the robotic pool cleaner managed to eat all the breath mints. Hmmm this float top is a bit broken, so I carefully slide it together, and very gently lower it into the water... give it a little nudge... ok, good, no capsizing shipwrecks this time. Note to self, try to resist the urge to duct tape the float together... apparently about the time people become home owners with pools, they are genetically altered or evolved to be less attracted to creative uses of duct tape.

I first noticed this lack of enthusiasm toward duct tape when I was showing off my wonderful antique dresser, complete with BLUE duct tape used as drawer pulls. The dresser didn't have any hardware when I ... rescued it from certain death at the hands of ... ecology recyclers? You know, side story, if I ever got to drive a garbage truck, I'd be honking the horn and doing a happy dance and smiling and waving at everyone. Maybe it gets old eventually, but I've yet to see a happy trash guy. Maybe there was a disconnect in the recruitment process or something. Or maybe the horn is disconnected, which would really take the joy out of driving a heavily armored and slimy mutant transformer monster truck through the 'hood, on the dawn patrol...

Then there was the exchange where I revealed the hand made, and quite beautiful Tiffany style lamp, made by my grandfather. It may be the last lamp he made, earlier in his life he had made windows for several churches, so very cool... So anyway, I was showing off the lamp, quite happy that it survived yet another move without any trama. Alex, the teenage cheerleader looks at it briefly... "hmm.. eww... its OLD" ... then she was off to her fart contest with her other cheerleader friend, which from later reports, she lost.... a guy could learn a lot in this new world!

Today its a nearly perfect, slightly overcast day here in California. Google thinks it will get up to around 100 degrees, but really, it didn't feel a bit over 95 when I was out there! I'd just gotten out of the shower, was about to put on shirt and socks shoes etc, when I remembered I was supposed to go scrape the pond scum off of the pool. Apparently pool cleaning robots aren't as evolved as I've assumed, because there were some places where it was down right gross in the pool out back.

Be bopping out into the back yard (its a technical term, look it up!), I decide to release the hounds (in my best Monty Burns voice, from the Simpsons, if you're not up on proper culture... well, its likely that my whole blog may not be up to your level anyway!). I'll have to try to get pictures of the "puppies" later, but after having recently found the step by step directions on how to properly photograph a puppy, it might be a while on that! The back yard is divided... Dogs get one section, and then the pool, trampoline etc are on the other side. So, opening the gate to the dog zone is something to be planned in advance. They always hear you coming, and they have a knack for timing their pounce to coincide with your thumb releasing the gate latch. Its like one motion, click of the latch, and POW! the gate explodes open with a... well... a POW! If you have ever watched Bull Riding at the rodeo, its like that. One moment the dogs are all relaxes, smiling at you with that relaxed little grin of theirs, the next, its like opening the gates to hell and then you know its too late... these dogs don't so much run as bounce... and slobber... always lots of slobber. that would be interesting for slow motion video, watching those globs of slobber drifting toward the camera... ewwww!

So a few minutes of petting and licking and slobbering and bouncing and pushing and pulling and heavy breathing (I might have to relabel this post!) and finally the dogs settled into the shade under the trampoline and thats when you should really be concerned... they just sit there and watch you, plotting their next move!

Actually, its not so bad, once I started actually cleaning the pool, they kind of figured out that play time is over, and they mostly left me alone. Or they might be afraid of the pool sweep with the long handle, they seemed to give me wide berth when ever I had it in my hand. I'd put it down, grab my drink, and they'd be all over me again. Pick up the sweep, and they'd even stop drooling. Interesting...

All said, its been a good day. The dogs seemed to enjoy hanging with me, I got some killer sun and fresh air... well, air anyway, in my world, "fresh" air is when its cold out, and you can breath steam... this is more like.. searing air, with a after taste of wild fires. But still, it got me out of the house for a while right?

Thanks for reading, we'll chat later k?

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By Carlin Comm posted on 2009-09-03 20:27:53