My 6am, 200 pound double action slobbering wake up call!

Now that I've been making friends with the dogs, we decided we'd let them sleep inside last night. Its really only the first few minutes of them coming inside that they're ballistic bouncing fur balls, really. Then eventually they settle down and turn into drooling trip hazards.

The hounds, Sunny and Bo, are big. Really big. Like about 100 pounds each. Bo is a Chocolate English Lab, and Sunny is a Yellow English Lab. They have heads that are about as big as my head, maybe bigger. They definitely have bigger ears, and bigger teeth... sounds a bit like the Big Bad Wolf right? Right down to the breath and the drool! When you look into their eyes, especially when they have you pinned to the floor, its a deep meaningful stare, like they're trying to decide if you'd be tasty, or if they should be going after the cats instead.

So last night, we get ready for bed, crawl in, turn the light off, and THUD... dog on the bed... well, actually not even a whole dog at first, just a dog Paw, then a head... then sniff sniff... lick lick... hmmmm ok, guys, go to bed, you have your own beds, from Costco, right over there... ok, they go to bed, settle down... I start to relax. This might not be too bad... mmm eyes close... no sound except for heavy breathing. Its kind of weird when the heavy breathing isn't your own, right?

Peaceful, for a few minutes, then the whole room seemed to be alive at once, lamps rocking, something flies past my head WHOOOOCH, heavy paws and scurring. I didn't know if I should hide or run! Then Jack the cat desparately seeks refuge in the bed, being very quiet for a while, as Bo is foiled once again at his attempt to eat a late night cat snack...

Dogs are now pacing around the bed, waiting for a chance at the cat... cat purring happily under the blankets, me a bit nervous being in the middle of it all!

Finally, sleep... awwww nice... lasted about an hour... dogs restless, want out again. Ok, out they go... roll over, back to sleep... couple hours later... big paws on the metal security door, trust me, not a sound you can ignore by putting head under covers! Tried that for a while, they're persistent!

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP... DANG, alarm clock accidental left on... grrr... ok, get up, go pee... crawl back in bed, think sure, no problem, sleep in a while... except the dogs noticed me... its pretty hard to get far with them on the case. And so it begins...

First just head on the bed, getting petted... mmm happy dogs now right? well, with dogs, its never quiet enough, so then its front paws on the bed... did I mention its an air bed? the kind of bed that when you look at it, it sits up high, like a real bed, but if you deflate it, it fits in a bag in the closet. So, when a pair of 100 pound dogs decide they want some attention and start crawling up on the bed, the whole bed moves, even with us on it!

Well, turns out the dogs are kind of competitive, like real brothers. If one is getting petted, the other wants to be petted too. In fact, they'll try to block the other one, or push you into a corner and stuff. Didn't take long until they were completely on the bed, laying on top of me, pinning me down with their paws, and then licking me... eeek! Hard to fight back when you're giggling and pinned down by a couple hundred pounds of slobbering dogs!

It kind of goes in waves too... not the bed so much, cause its only an air bed, but the dogs, they'd get all excited and pouncing and playing for a while, then they'd settle down and be good lap dogs... well, more or less neck to knee dogs maybe. then one would start nuzzling, then the other would get that big old tail wagging, and it was ON again! All this attention is going to take some getting used to I think!

Stay Tuned!

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By Carlin Comm posted on 2009-09-07 19:22:03