Urban Camping - New Book coming SOON!

2 or 3 things here all related.

First, I just finished writing my second book, and there is a new blog supporting that book. Go check them out here - AMTRAK, Twitter, and Urban Camping

Technically, that was 2 things there, 1 - New Book and 2 - New Blog for the new book!

And if you're wondering what "Urban Camping" is, I explained it on that blog, go back to the first post there and hopefully it will all make sense.

The rest of this post is a copy from the Urban Camping blog. If you are at all interested in that subject, please be sure to subscribe to the feed for it. Just look for the Feedburner logo on the right hand side there, and you'll be notified whenever I post new content! Oh, and while on that subject, I have Feedburner on this blog too! Now you'll never lay awake at night, wondering if I've posted anything new! Its pretty cool service! Its even smart enough to know not to send you something unless I've actually written new posts. Good Robot!


Ideally, I would have started this blog sooner to "Build a Buzz" as they say in the internet marketing world. To me, if I want to build a buzz, I go drink beer! But I know, it would boost sales if people knew and wanted to buy the book before it was printed! Maybe next book I'll get it right!

Anyway, over the weekend I got the writing done, and edited, and designed the cover, and submitted the files, and had them approved... and drum roll..... Today I ordered the first 2 copies of the book, as proofs.

Oh, but wait, it gets better! My excellent peeps (or perhaps the robots?) over at CreateSpace.com have already printed and shipped the book! This time, yesterday, the book wasn't even finished yet! It is really mind numbingly exciting how fast this can happen now.

I'll be sure to post links and instructions on how to buy it as soon as I've signed off on the proof. I promise!

But in the mean time, I'll give you some of the juicy details...

Its 106 pages long. This time I decided to go slightly smaller format, the book is 8" x 5.25", the cover is in color, the inside has some gray scale illustrations, maps, etc from the trip. I thought briefly about doing some color pages, but that would have pushed the price up, and its just easier to post all the pictures here on the blog instead!

So, do you want to see the cover? Really? Ok, here it is:

Oh, I can tell you this, the book is much less expensive than the other one. That makes sense, because the book is shorter, and to be honest, I didn't really want to make a big deal over this book anyway :) So the price is $9.95, vs $17.95 for Desert Storm Diaries.

Anyway, I should be able to go "LIVE" with the book sales very soon, with any luck by end of this week!

Stay Tuned!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2009-11-03 09:32:10