Dogs Life

Not sure that these pictures need any explaining! haha

Anyway, the dogs, Sunny and Beau, enjoy chewing on things. They've thankfully outgrown shoes, for the most part, and only sniff and chase the cats, but give them a good chew toy, and they're in Doggy Heaven!

This helpless bear, originally maybe 8 inches tall, actually lasted several days of drooling and chewing before the lads finally pulled it apart. Who ever would have thought that so much stuffing would come out of such a small bear!

After taking pictures and shooting some video, I let the dogs play outside while I cleaned up the stuffing. Picked up as much by hand as possible, then vacuumed the rest. Could have scored points for vacuuming the living room too, except I didn't hide the bear. When the dogs came back in, they went straight for our shredded buddy, and in a matter of seconds undid my great clean up job. Oh well :)

What really struck me as odd, though, was that the cats watched the whole show, from a safe distance of course. To me, if I was a cat, I'd be seriously concerned!

Enjoy the show!

Technical note on the video, that is recorded with my little Kodak Zx1 video camera. No lights turned on, only light from the window, and it was kind of overcast today... not ideal lighting! "edited" and uploaded with the included ArcSoft software. No technical expense here!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2009-11-11 16:32:12