Edmonton Motorcycle Show - Grins :)

This last weekend, my brother Kevin and I went to the Edmonton Motorcycle Show. If you haven't been reading his blog, by all means go check out Kevin's Blog

Now, our reasons for going to the motorcycle show, besides our obvious love of danger, was we've both been house sitting animals, while my Mom and her friend are of on some exotic ocean cruise, living the good life. So we had to get out of the house, see?

Oh, here's one of those tips you read blogs for. If at all possible, go to expos and car shows, etc, on a Friday. And during the day, not the evening, after work. See, all the other people are at work, so parking is easier, there are hardly any crowds to do battle with, even the "Pit Girls" are friendlier.

This first set of photos is the motorcycles, on the show floor. I've got a few shots of Kevin on the bikes, and in theory he has some pictures of me on other bikes. We've not yet had time to go over the pictures together, so maybe later I'll post some more pics of me on a bike. Stay tuned for that!

And then, there was the Freestyle Motorcross riders. I'll let those pictures speak for them selves. Oh, and please don't try this at home, right? At least get out of the house and out on the street before you try this :)

Fun times, yes?

In another post, I mentioned my To Do list for the year. This bike, or one like it, is on that list:

From 2010-01-15 Edmonton Motorcycle Show

Its a Kawasaki KLR-650. Probably wont be getting the new one, but it would be nice :) Im seeing some of these going used for about half of retail (still a lot of money, but with the cost of gas.... ok, really, would you even believe me if I said I'd only be buying a motorcycle for the practical reasons? D'uh!)

It was fun to go and just sit on the bikes. Back in San Diego, I had a 600 Ninja... back in 1993 I guess it was. Then no motorcycles since then. Been way too long, I think I'm about due!

Stay Tuned!
Carlin... eh?

By Carlin Comm posted on 2010-01-19 16:47:41