Tracks in the Darkness

Wow, holy cow, how long has it been since I blogged? There's digital dust and cobwebs here! eeek!

Well, lets see. I could tell you all how busy I've been. But I'm really not that good of a fiction writer, yet!

So I'll just do my best to catch you up on things.

You may have noticed I gave up on selling stuff. If you didn't notice, I used to try to sell stuff. Not that much of it sold :) So mostly now my blogs are just random meanderings of what I'm not doing or what ever. If you get tired of that, feel free to go buy stuff. A book is always good! There's a link somewhere.

Quick recap then.

November 2009 I moved from California to Alberta, Canada. That after a very brief stint of being a pool boy. Nice pool, it was!

So then, here I am in Canada. Note to readers out there, moving to Alberta, from pretty much anywhere, in November is not recommended. But it did get me here ahead of the snow and the REALLY COLD weather.

December... it was REALLY COLD, water froze up, nothing much happened. It was dark a lot.

January 2010. My mom left the farm for a while, she went on a cruise in the Caribean. Saw that canal thing, learned about bananas and coffee. My brother had a birthday. We ate food. Still pretty dark outside. And cold. I interviewed for some jobs, started having fancy dreams about actually having money, not a lot of money, but money. It could happen!

February 2010. Did some training for a job. Its one of those "on call" situations. I waited for the call. So far no call. Its still dark, and cold. Watched the Olympics on TV. Go Canada! Canadians look good wearing Gold. We all sang, and smiled a lot. Its good to sing when its still dark and cold outside.

March 2010. Having been inspired after watching the Olympics on TV, and singing in the dark in the cold, I decided to get off the couch. I started going for walks. We are surrounded by snow drifts, barb wire fences, horse pastures, and hay fields. So I decided to go for a walk one day. The snow was deep. Over my boots. Over my knees, not quite to my waist. I had bought some "gaitors" at a second hand store a while ago, thought I should try them out. Gaitors are a fabric, in this case nylon, that attach over your boots, and then wrap around your leg. They go up higher, hopefully higher than the snow goes. If it works, there is no snow in your boots when you get back from your walk in the field through the snow drifts. So far so good! So I've been walking. It hasn't snowed yet since I started, so if Google should ever fly over the farm and take a picture of the field, you'd see lots of tracks in the field. I doubt they will, but if they did, you'd see them! I did take some video, but its mostly just panting and weezing, so I doubt I'll post it. Walking through deep snow is hard work. But it is getting warmer, so the snow isn't as deep. So that just means I have to go farther to feel like I'm getting anywhere. I almost miss the deep snow.

I am planning to get some cross country skis. I felt that is the one area that Canada really didn't do so well, so I'll do my part. If nothing else, I'll shame someone else into going faster next time :) But seriously, its a big field, I should be able to make some good tracks out there. Of course, by the time I get that call, and get the big fat paychecks, and buy the skis, the sun will shine, and the snow will melt.

It could happen.

Oh yeah, I've been writing a lot lately, the Mars book is coming along nicely. Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime. Funny how that works. This was supposed to be a short book, kind of a prequel to the big Mars book that I would write later. Well, crap. This one is big, and I'm not even sure I've gotten a good start on it yet. Might have to edit it later!

But then I had an idea, since a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe I'll just turn it into a graphic novel instead. Fun right?

It could happen, too!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2010-03-08 17:28:27