Catching Up... Again! Secret Mission Updates

So, I'm sitting here, looking out the window at the rain pouring down, eating the sad remains of what used to be a strawberry pop tart, and drinking yesterdays coffee. I swear, pop tarts never look all that good after they've been riding around in your gear bag for a few days. At least this time the shiny mylar bag didn't burst its gooey goodness all over my... gear.

I'm now well into my 6th week of my Secret Mission, you know, that thing I'm doing in a place I can't tell you about. I suppose you could guess, since I did mention it raining, but that would be a long shot. All the normal rumors run rampant. It could end this week, it could last another year. What ever, right?

My good friend, Tina McAllister, or @TinaMc, for those of you who Tweet, recently posted on her blog, something about "catching up" after somehow forgetting to post on one's blog, and after I laughed at her in the comments for being such a slacker, I thought I better see how long its been since I posted something.

Of course, being on a Secret Mission, of course, I've had very little that I could blog about, since the mentioning of such mission or its details or locations or other peeps involved could be bad. So I'll just talk about the interesting things, like the before mentioned pop tart, which is now gone. It was good right? mmm smashed up goey crumby goodness...

Or I could talk about my new fear of xxxx no, sorry, can't talk about that. Darn, what else is there.

I would like to give a quick shout out to all my Peeps over on Facebook , thanks for all the love there, its nice to be remembered. Now that I have carpel tunnel and have to go ice my hands, after responding to all the kind words and comments... hehe , no really, thanks ;)

Well, guess I'll head over to Perkins and enjoy some tasty French Toast... mmmm good stuff!

Stay Tuned!
PS this post will possibly self destruct in 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... bonk!

or maybe not?

By Carlin Comm posted on 2010-05-05 04:59:24