Benefits of Walking :) Or how to buy a Porsche!

While there are many well known benefits to walking on a regular basis, I'd like to open your eyes to some you may be less familiar with.

Lately, in the last few years actually, I've been moving around more than normal. Ok, I think Gypsies would think I'm a drifter. Anyway, I've not had much for roots lately. Then with the secret missions, I'm really getting bounced around.

For example, I was in 2 different hotels over a 3 month stretch. I thought that was inconvienient. Then the next mission, I found myself in my 4th room, in a total of 3 hotels in the last 5 weeks! And they were in different neighborhoods!

Anyway, since I didn't have a car, I did a lot of walking. Which is good, I like walking, really I do. Except when it comes to getting groceries, in the rain. That's not so good. Been doing that a few times lately!

One good thing I do realize, is you get a way better appreciation for a neighborhood as you walk through it. You see all the little shops, for example. I now know where to do laundry in 3 or 4 different places, in a few time zones! That's valuable intelligence! I know which fast food places to avoid. I know where to find a washroom.

Or for example a couple weeks ago, I was walking... probably on the way from the hotel to the nearest hamburger place, and I see this cool gray car. Think it might have been a Porsche. Cool, mental note. Keep walking. On the way back, yup, its a 928, sweet! Ok keep walking.

From My 928

Next day, its kind parked facing out, you know, how cars get parked when someone is trying to sell them right? So I walk over a bit closer, think hey it looks kind of... hmm something not quite right, but it was getting dark, so I didn't think much of it. Next day... how many cheese burgers is that now anyway? Finally decide to walk over and really look at it. Better light today, hey, it looks actually pretty good. Some parts missing, trim, wipers, etc.

Then I see the price. Oh, hmmm about 1/10th of what the car was when it was new. Interesting. But I live in a hotel, so not like I can really be fixing up a car, in the parking lot, right? So I walk around it again, go for a hamburger :)

A few days later, I say screw it, go back, look at it again, write down the price and the guys phone number. Wait a few more days, now its almost payday. I'll actually have enough to buy the car, which is dangerous right? No more excuses! So I call the guy. No answer. I almost throw up. Next day, call the guy, leave a message. 3 Days before payday, he calls me back, we set up a time to view the car. I walk there, its about a 45 minute walk. See, it had been just down the block when I first saw it, but we moved to a new hotel, of course!

I get there, another guy is looking at the car. Oh oh, trouble. But I had a secret plan. I'd stopped by the ATM and got cash, just in case, you know, I liked the car :)

Other guy gives me the stink eye, gets in his minivan, and leaves. Not sure if I had more street cred, walking, or him in the soccer van :)

So, Finally I get my chance, the guy gives me the tour, and its funny, he's showing me all the bad stuff. All I wanted to know know was did it run. So finally, he puts in the key, VROOOM. It fires right up, and ohhhh it was pretty... Like a thousand angels having orgasms maybe. I might not even edit that out! He said he'd not really topped off the fluids and they hadn't really checked out the mechanicals, he was just the body shop guy, but he did put the car in gear and it moved, no weird noises, he blips the throttle... more orgasms... I walk around it a few more times, just trying not to drool mostly, and finally we get quiet, look at each other, and I handed him $500 in twenties, straight from the ATM. "I'll see you on Friday". That would be Friday the 13th, a pretty lucky day I'd have to say!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2010-08-15 20:48:19