My Bumpy Twisty Road to Enlightenment - Introduction

So I'm kind of playing around with some ideas for an introduction, and this just flowed out. Wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but it might be a good seed for an otherwise blank page that will be the introduction :)

I'd love to hear some comments. Even if they're awful, cause I'd hate to get too far into this and find out no one likes it :)

And so it begins----

Blackness gripped me, I could hear the waves, feel the salt spray on my face. Looking out, into nothing but inky darkness. One hand out in front of me, the other hand gripping the hand rail, tightly, afraid, I inched my way along the slippery, pitching deck. Several minutes passed. I still can't see anything, its as if I've stepped off into the abyss. Finally I feel the hatch levers. Flipping the last dog open, I pull the hatch toward me, and stepping over the knee knocker, I see the dim red glow. Safe at last! Now just 2 levels up and I'm at my destination, the outgoing Mail Box, where I can mail the 100 news letters I'm mailing to my Any Servicemember pen pals. The helicopter will be taking the mail out at first light, a few hours from now. But I'll be asleep in a few minutes. And this time I'll be taking a slightly easier route, and not take my chances on the weather deck!


Cold, Shivering, Alone. I'm at high altitude in Colorado, in the back of my van, sleeping bag pulled tight around me, an old hair dryer blasting away at the icy fingers of the night, until finally the battery runs down, and with a last BEEP, I'm left with silence, cold, and darkness. Alone. Still, I'm happy to have what I have. I put the spare tire on a few hours ago, happy in the fact I have a spare tire, and a van to put it on. I've seen a lot in the last few weeks, and even looking at my self now, after almost 40 days on the road and xx states, I feel like a king. I chose this road, and no matter what happens, I know how lucky I am. I have experiences, resources, and friends. I am truly wealthy.


Traffic... Stupid red lights... car feels heavy, it should, its loaded to the roof. Where is all this stuff going to go anyway... Oh good, light is green, hit the gas... sputter, BANG, clunk, grind to a stop. no... no... NOOOOO. start, please start. HONK. Sigh. Light is red now. Great! Look over, wow, a parking spot, just right there. Open the door, put car in neutral, and lean into it, good its rolling. Push a bit more and I'm in the spot. Wow, lucky break! And I'm only a few blocks from home. Think, brain think. I might still have time. One last look at the car. Oh well, it lasted a year longer than I expected. Grabbing my keys and wallet, I start quickly walking home to pull together my new plan, a slight detour toward being homeless in Seattle.

By Carlin Comm posted on 2010-08-23 20:50:27