Create A New Future

I'm participating in a "end of the year" goal program, created by Leo J Quinn Jr. You can check it out at the link, its a good idea, I'm liking it so far!

Briefly, you choose 3 goals, write them down in a notebook, and then every day from now to the end of the year, you read the goals, and take some action toward them, every day. And as a reminder, every day Leo sends you an email.

The following quote was in today's email, and I thought it was really good, worth sharing!

Your future can be either an extension of your past or a new future that you create - we don't know what to do with something new because we don't have a frame of reference for it.

But if you change your paradigm and choose to live a future that you create - this instantly changes your life.

Tomorrow can be how it was yesterday or today can be the last day this happens - many people like to hold on to all their stuff (story, excuses - e.g. oh I cant do this because I have a bad past etc) instead of becoming the best you.

In order to do this you've got to let go of your past. Focus on what you want to create not on what you want to avoid - what you focus on you'll be more likely to create it.

~Alex Mandossian

Oh, and if you're curious what I'm working on:

  1. $1000 Residual Income per month

  2. Put my 1985 Porsche 928S back together

  3. Go to Southern California for the winter

  4. Bonus! Get my Mars book finished and published

  5. Bonus! Lose the 20 Pounds I gained this year

As for progress, its pretty cool so far!

The Porsche is almost finished. When I bought it, all of the interior parts were laying in the back, as was the rear spoiler, the windshield wipers, etc. It ran good, but was a mess otherwise. So I took it to a shop that specializes in Porsche and other cool cars, and they checked a bunch of things, found some leaks and got the mechanical stuff all humming along. Then the rest was up to me! As of now, I have fixed one power window, replaced a window seal, put the spoiler on the back, and put on all of the interior parts that I have. One more window seal to do, install sun visors (on order, they got lost somehow!), and trim a piece of carpet for the rear hatch area. Oh, and replace the battery. And then its happy dance time!

Mars Book is getting there. Am actually considering splitting it into 3 books, its getting pretty big. I've been jumping around in it too, as I think of something I go write it. Currently I'm in the boring part, 200 days of coasting between Earth and Mars. That's tough to write. Although its interesting to think of all the things I could do to pass the time when stuck in a tin can, in the dark for 6 months! The goal is to have it self published by end of this year. It was actually supposed to be finished a year ago!

My brain has trouble focusing on too many things, which is why they probably say only 3 goals, or one at a time! So I've been pushing the Porsche and the Mars book first.

I've been blogging more, in case you didn't notice. That is "supposed" to help build a follower base, that you can then sell stuff to. That would lead to the passive, residual income. We'll see! I do need to actually have something to buy though! Working on that, well, thinking about that! I'll get back to you later!

Oh, I have lost 10 pounds though, which is cool. When I was on the Secret Missions I was eating a lot of granola bars, and getting no real exercise at all. Just eating a bit better, and getting outside has helped a lot. Losing a pound a day some days!

So, on the good side, the Porsche is almost done, the Mars book is getting written, and I've lost half of my target weight.

On the not so good side, for now, I've not done much about the income situation. Oh, and as for California, getting there is easy, just need the income to pay for it! Who knows, sell the book, and build a castle in California. It could happen!

If we've learned anything from the "Law of Attraction" and "The Secret", its that we set goals, and don't worry so much about how they happen!

See you there!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2010-10-15 09:29:32