When Things Suck

Today felt like a complete waste for me. Its getting cold now, winter probably will be here, eventually! I'm not "working" lately, but I'm trying to at least get stuff done, right?

Anyway, I was working on the Porsche. The list of things to do is getting shorter. Except that sometimes when I'm putting one thing together, I see something else to do! Like today.

A quick catch up since I've not talked a lot of specifics lately. I have both door interior panels installed, the stereo and speakers work, the power window motor replaced. Where there used to be a van load of spare parts, now I'm down to some small trim, and the window seals. Getting there!

Couple days ago I put on the window seal on the drivers door. Was kind of tough, but I eventually got it. Was feeling good about things, then I noticed a gap between the glass and the seal. Well, crap, that kind of looks like water would run right in there!

The seals I put on are old, so maybe they shrunk or something? Really think I put it together right, and it doesn't look like any parts are missing. So, knowing winter was coming, and I really didn't like having tape covering the seal, which has been my solution until now, I went in search of a seal to cover the seal.

I'm a visual kind of guy. I could picture exactly the stuff I needed. Unfortunately, no one I talked to knew what I meant, or they didn't have anything close. So I picked up some weather stripping, you know, the foam with the peal and stick on it. That I knew wouldn't really work, because the window would probably just push it off the first time I hit the switch.

In case you think otherwise, I did actually try it, just to be sure. Put it on, hit the switch, and on the first pass it just peeled right off. So there :)

Next hardware store, I saw something I hadn't really considered before, a door weather strip. Its got a rubber bead held in place with an aluminum strip. Pondered that a while, and knew it would look bad, but might work. So I bought a kit.

Flash foward to today. Its kind of crappy out. A bit windy, no sunshine, and its cold. Not freezer cold, but maybe 10C or so. But the wind added to the suckyness of things considerably!

Before I could experiment with my door seal on the window, I had to put the passenger window seal all together. Of course, this one is more torn up than the driver door, so I had to glue the seal to the metal strip, which meant more of the contact cement.

Contact cement is really a good solution, you just have to be careful. Brush it on both sides, wait a while (10 minutes according to the can) and then when you touch them together, its an instant bond. Like, RIGHT NOW, its STUCK. So you really want to try to get it right the first time. Not like regular glues, where you can slide it around till you like it.

Took my time, deep breath, planned things out, and hey, got it right where I wanted it! Sweet! Next, put the metal trim onto the door. That was a bit of a pain, but eventually I got it on too. So far so good!

Now for the sucky part. Both doors now have window seals that are about 1/4 inch from the glass. I should mention that this is on an older Porsche, and some things are kind of expensive to get. I have not actually priced these seals, but right now, unless they are free, I can't be spending any more cash right now. So eventually I'll go back and do these the right way. Just not now!

Quick measure, and decide that if I cut one of the door seals in half, its close enough. Lay one against the door, and it seems that if I put the included screws through the old seal, the new seal should be pretty close, and be one of those things that Looks Bad but Works Good. I can live with that for now.

I could also mention why I'm not wanting water in the doors. The electric window motor that I just replaced showed signs of having been wet for a while. It was rusted solid together. And that was kind of expensive to replace. I was happy to get one for $100, used, from California. The new one, from Germany, was around $450 I think. Yeah.

A quick bead of black silicone sealant, to kind of glue the new to the old, then some screws into the old rubber, and once it dries, its good. Except its not good. Sigh.

Its UGLY, and no matter how much I tried, it just wouldn't make a seal either.

By now, I'm tired, cold, and not happy. So I put the tools down, and spent a few minutes trying to get black silicone off my fingers. Hey, one thing to report, this stuff should last a long time :) Yeah, hands are now waterproof and blotchy black.

Drink my coffee, look at things a while, and start forming the next plan.

See, here's the point of todays blog post. Hope you made it this far! Sometimes things suck. Things don't always work the first time. Sometimes even the second time isn't so good either! I could mention Edison and the lightbulb, but trust me, I'm not looking for mysery here!

By the time I finished my coffee, and picked up my tools, I came up with something I'll try next time. Probably not tomorrow yet, I need a break! But when things Suck Bad, its just an opportunity to try again and get it better next time.

No Worries Right?

PS the Stereo sounds GOOD :)

Till Next Time!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2010-10-18 18:16:43