The Quiet Confidence of the Skunk

This happened a while ago, so I sure hope I didn't write about it yet! That would be embarrassing!

It all started with a broken step, off the back deck. I'd probably gained too much weight on the secret missions!

So, finally I had time, so was all set up to fix the step. Had tools, wood, screws, and was ready. Even had gloves and safety glasses.

Earlier, Mom had noticed the cats around the back deck, so she'd been feeding them out there. I'm all working away, trying to get things to line up, and I keep seeing this black tale flipping back and forth, under the step that I'm working on.

Finally, I stopped long enough to realize that black tail was pretty puffy. Think, brain, think. I've seen this kind of thing before. Oh CRAP. SKUNK! Like, 2 or 3 feet from me, under the step. That I'm standing on.

IMG 0230

Careful now, don't drop tools and startle it, back up a bit, screw it... RUN!

Ok, feeling a bit safer now, 10 feet back, I take stock of the situation. The Skunk is kind of pacing around, but not making any big moves to leave, or to chase me or what ever. I really don't know anything about skunks, except they stink. And I remember hearing that tomato juice important.

Kevin, my brother, gets home about now, so I consult him. He says don't get sprayed. Helpful advice!

Well, we can't just leave the skunk there, its right behind the house.

We hope that by making lots of noise we'd maybe scare it off, or at least make it feel unwelcome. So Kevin grabs some Styrofoam insulation (the blue stuff in the photo) and starts smacking it together. Makes a loud clapping sound. Skunk doesn't even flinch.

I start throwing sticks at it. I feel pretty safe, I still have my safety glasses on! Skunk also feels pretty safe, I am not very good shot! In fact, after a while, the skunk goes back to just pretty much ignoring anything we do. Once in a while it would swish its tail, or stamp its feet at us.

Then it came up on the deck, and goes back to eating the cat food. This is of course what attracted the skunk in the first place.

IMG 0225

After probably 10 or 15 minutes, Kevin and I decide to retreat to a safe distance and think of our options. This is about when I realized I had left my long extension cord on the deck. And I needed my cord.

By now the skunk had gone back under the deck, so I go through the house and unplug the cord, and throw it across most of the deck. Then go back outside, and pull the cord to safety. Once in a while the skunk would notice me but never really did much.

Later on, I thought, hey, I might as well get some pictures for the blog, so I went out the back door, slowly and there it was, maybe 10 feet away, happily licking up the cat food. Kinda pretty huh? From a distance!

So a few days later, I was thinking about the skunk, and how much confidence it seemed to have. Got me thinking, it obviously wasn't very scared of us. It KNEW we weren't really serious about trying to chase it out of there. In fact, after a few minutes, it came right up the stairs and went back to eating the cat food!

What if we could have that kind of confidence, in our day to day challenges? What if we KNEW we had something, that gave us that feeling of being invincible. Like no matter what life threw at us, we could just ignore it, and keep on our mission like nothing could touch us?
Cool right?

Oh, and yeah, I did finally get around to fixing the step! Once the food was gone, we haven't seen the skunk since. But I'm still keeping an eye under the steps, just in case!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2010-10-18 20:37:51