My Science Experiments

Its been getting pretty cold over night, probably freezing even.

We have lots of rain barrels, for watering the grass and plants. The well water isn't good enough for drinking, lots of minerals and stuff. Its also bad for plants as well. So we dont run the sprinklers, it would kill the grass. I guess Mom figured that out from experience when they first moved here.

Ok, we don't want the rain barrels to freeze, they'd split... you know, water expands when it freezes right? So Mom wants to water some trees in the yard, it seems to help them survive freezing if they've been good and wet first.

Usually my Mom just grabs some big buckets and scoops from the rain barrels and then carries to the tree. Then goes for another bucket. And another. The barrels are pretty big, right?

Me, being a bit of a slacker, I think there might be a better way. So I found some garden hose, and after a few tries, had a good siphon going. Then I'd go to the next one, and let it go.

That gave me time to pull wires for my computers, so we can all share internet between the trailers. The wifi hasn't been very reliable, trailers being made of metal and all.

So I'd go back and check on the barrels and wow, siphons work pretty good, especially if there is a drop from the barrel, up higher, and the plants at the other end of the hose. Sure, I could have probably done it faster with the buckets, but this way I could go do something else in the mean time right?

After the plants were all done, I still had a couple barrels of water left, so I thought my brother Kevin could use some extra water. He's got a water tank under ground, that he hauls water for, from town. Since the well is so heavy in minerals, it makes a real mess of plumbing. Town water is pretty cheap, so once in a while we just drive a truck with a big tank in, fill it up, and fill the water tank.

Well, the rain water is free, and either I give it to him, or dump it, right? Well, his trailer is down hill from where the barrels are, but my hose isn't long enough. Pretty soon I start laughing. The dogs of course think I'm probably going mad. Might be right.

I grab one of the empty barrels, and put it down hill from the one with water, and get a siphon going. Then I grab another empty barrel, and put it on the way to the trailer. So I have siphon feeding siphon.

This was working pretty good, until the hoses started sucking big wads of algea and leaves, and the siphons quit working. But in the end, I still had 3 barrels half filled, that were closer to the destination than they started. So even if we decide to carry buckets now its a shorter run.

Yay for science right? haha

Yeah, that's my life on the farm story for today :)

By Carlin Comm posted on 2010-10-20 09:40:12