A single footstep...

"As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a
single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a
deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep
mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we
wish to dominate our lives."

-- Henry David Thoreau

Being a Quitter doesn't just happen. Its a HABIT!

How many times, when something goes horribly wrong, have you just wanted to walk away. Give up. Just forget the whole thing?

Like today, for example. Well, actually, it started last night. I was showing my Mom the new website, for the new business, that I can't quite talk about yet. Its at interwebz.ca, but don't tell anyone ok? Besides, there isn't really all that much there yet anyway! But I digress...

So last night, I'm showing my Mom the website. Its a copy / paste of my carlincomm.com site, that this blog lives on. In fact, this will be a good "before" and "after" demonstration. This one is still broken! Not the blog, but the site... anyway...

I have been using the Google Chrome internet browser for a year or two now (LOVE IT!), and before that used FireFox. Typically I avoid Microsoft's Internet Explorer when I can. I won't get into the reasons for now, ok? Well, Mom, being a real person, with a job, and pets, and a LIFE, could care less about loading 4 or 5 different browsers. So she has IE. And in a few seconds she noticed my website was really hard to read, because the text was overlapping the cool black graphic I had on the border. "sigh... yeah I was always meaning to go fix that. It works on Chrome, and Firefox, and probably Safari, just not Internet Explorer. blah blah blah standards, etc... sigh".

Well, today, I started thinking, gee, I'm supposed to be a computer tech dude, and I can't even make a simple website work with IE. What's up with THAT? Why should my valued clients have to change their way of enjoying the internet, just because I'm too freaking lazy to do some research?

3 hours later, I'd managed to break my website. But ironically, I could see I was making progress, because now IE, Chrome, and Firefox all looked exactly the same... broken but the same!

5 hours later, I found more things broken. I had wrote some UGLY code a few years ago, and then kept copying it to new pages, instead of going back and fixing it. And continued to curse IE as I went. Hey, the page worked great on Chrome and FireFox!

7 hours later, I start digging deeper. The CSS Box, margins, padding, borders, oh my... DOCTYPE declarations I had somehow been skipping. Tags that didn't have close tags. Divs that didn't exist. Nested loops. Variables that didn't really need to be there. Just aweful coding that slowed things down. No comments, anywhere sometimes. I wrote this, why can't I figure it out?



I didn't :)

Somewhere around the 8th hour, I got the bugs squashed. HOLY CRAP. It works! Now, when you look at it, it doesn't really seem like much. Three pages. Links that change colors when you hover. A goofy graphic down the side, that looks like the other one. Who cares right?

Quitting can be a habit.

But so can NOT QUITTING! Every time you want to quit, but DON'T, you're making it that much harder to be a quitter the next time.

Go ahead, read that a few more times. I did! Every time I refuse to quit, dig just a bit deeper, I made it that much harder to quit on myself. And in the end, it worked!

And let me tell you something, the Universe rewards us when we hang in there. Sure, this is kind of silly, but I'll take it! As I was clearing off my bed (which is always covered with print outs and papers and notebooks when I'm working, since its next to the desk) there was my cell phone, which I'd forgotten to plug in the charger when I got in today.

The phone's been giving me grief a bit lately. The earphone connector has been flaky for the last couple months. Just figured it was going bad. That was sad, I use it like a really expensive walkman! Well, looking at the phone as I was plugging it in, I see something in the earphone jack. Hmmm, careful now, grab a paperclip, and a little poke, and a little tiny scrap of paper drops out.

I write this now, with the sweet sounds of Boston jamming, cranked to 11, and no problems!

See? Life is good!

Stay Tuned!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2010-11-08 21:38:52