When the Winter Blues become unbearable

Today started off nice enough. Even had a pretty sunrise, well what I could see was nice, the rest was blocked by the grocery store across the street!

I've been going through a weird patch this last couple weeks. Business isn't what I was hoping for, its middle of winter, and I'm just tired of the gray sky.

So I got a message on Facebook from a friend of mine, who I've actually known as pen pals for EVER. Might have even met her on AOL back in the 90's... like 1990s. You know, the dark ages? Dial up modems. AOL was mailing the floppy disks then. Never mind.

Anyway, she's been having a rough time with life lately. She sounded pretty down. So I got to put my bad day on hold and see what I could tell her. Then while I was at it, I thought I should put some of it into practice too!

So then, with out any further rambling, is what I told her:

Hmmm that's no good. Some days are just like that though. Sometimes its ok to just be down, for a little while. Appreciate that things kind of suck, and then think about something you like to do, that makes you feel better.

My tip for today, go get some fresh air and exercise. Usually when I'm feeling REALLY crappy, its because I havent' had any time outside for a while. Oh, and if I'm dehydrated I tend to feel really dumpy too. So try to drink a big glass of water. Then in an hour or two, drink some more. And in the mean time go for a walk or shovel snow or something.

And if its really bad, go in the bathroom and practice making faces! Weird, but for some reason it seems to help! Besides, after drinking all the water, you'll be going to the bathroom anyway, so while you're washing your hands, just make a face or two. And try not to be giggling when you come out, or people might wonder. :)

Ok, I'm back! Now its your turn. What do you do when you're just not having a fun day? And before you say it, sure, I get that its all a choice. Some times I can choose to have a good day, and it works. Some days its not as easy.

Leave me a comment, and tell me what works for you!

Just think, its probably only 5 more months till spring!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2011-02-03 15:07:25