Proof of Llama

I have to admit, these do kind of look a bit "trailer hood"!

There could be a Unified Farm Theory... sort of like Einstein's Unified field theory... it might even drift toward a "unified trailer hood theory"...

You start with a rough count, and build ratios. How many trucks, cars, tractors, trailers, cats, dogs, other livestock, people are there? Then you set the ratios, how many of the trucks actually run, vs are parked in the field for spare parts? Now in case you're wondering, to my knowledge, we don't have any spare dogs, cats, or people parked in the field, for spare parts. Just saying!

See, if you have a working farm, you'd have a good tractor, maybe 2 tractors. And they would run. If you needed the truck, you'd make sure it runs. As I walked around, I started thinking we might be better off if we sold 3 trucks, and got the 4th one running :)

But its not my farm. I just live here.

So, a few days back I made some comment on Facebook about the Llama, and of course people just think I make stuff up all the time. I mean, who has a Llama anyway? As I just said, its not my farm, so I claim no ownership of said Llama, or dogs, or cats. The Porsche is mine, and the black van... and the Motorhome... oh crap. I own 3 vehicles and I can't drive any of them either. Note to self... time to expand the theory there!

Anyway, Tuesday was an unusually sunny day. Mom says Alberta winters are famous for Blue Sky. FREAKING COLD, but Blue Sky and Sunshine. Kevin, my brother, moved from Vancouver, BC. I moved from around Seattle. We're used to cloudy, rainy, weather. We were both looking forward to blue skys. Maybe we jinxed it or something. But I guess they needed rain?

So, back on task here...

Tuesday there was sun. Oh, and it was about -30C. That would be... Cold! Say -20F for all the rest of you. But there was no wind, so it actually felt warmer than it had been the day before. Wind Chill is so weird! After getting frosted pretty good the day before, I wasn't messing around, so I put on Wool socks, thermal underwear, sweats, jeans, fleece, wool sweater, jacket, ski gloves, the whole package right? Get out side, no wind. Almost worked a sweat walking across the yard!

First mission. Proof of Llama.

Out to the Horse pasture... around the gate, through the drifts... lots of horses...

No Llama. Sigh...

Turn around to go back in, oh there it is :) Hiding behind the big round hay bale. Kind of a mess, but its a llama. Think of it as a sheep on stilts. Or a short fuzzy camel. Take your pick. According to Maryse, my smarty pants friend on Facebook, Llama's can spit. I'll take her word for it. She Googled it. So it has to be true right?

On the way back in, I decided I'd take a look in my motorhome. After having been homeless in the past, I decided having both a Motorhome AND a Van was a good plan, you know, just in case the book doesn't sell? (insert book plug here)

Motorhome still there. Good. Oh, this is fun. A while back, Kevin got this little trailer. Then after that I got the motorhome, drove it back from Ontario. I park it next to the trailer, and hey, imagine that. The stripes match!

I'm planning to set the motorhome up as a portable office, figure I'll set it up for writing and stuff. Should make a good tax write off that way :) The black seat is out of the van. Very comfy!

Back to the Unified Farm Theory. I decided against trying to actually photograph ALL the dogs and cats and horses and tractors, but thought maybe just a few pics, a sample if you will, would suffice. (Since I sometimes pretend to be a writer, I thought I'd use a word like "suffice" there, but really, I think it would have read better... a sample would do... just saying)

Smidge and Bob

So, here are 2 of the Poms, Smidge and Bob. Dogs have personality. Its weird. Bob can just look at you with those eyes, and next you know, he's eating your peanut butter sandwich. Smidge is hard to take pictures of, I think he may have a secret stash of meth or something. Always tweaking, dancing, prancing, zoom zoom. That's 2 of the... 6? Poms... 3 inside, 3 more outside... well, they have a heated dog house. We have heated place for the cats and dogs, but the cars park outside. Hmmm.

Then there are the 4 cats inside, plus a few dozen outside cats. Before you go there, we have nearly zero mice. The cats may have hunted them to extinction. I'm waiting for PETA to protest the senseless extinction of farm mice. So, inside cats, the big guy is Eric. He's the one that we almost lost. As in dead, not lost. He had some kind of a respitory infection or cold or something. When we brought him in, his eyes were stuck shut, he wouldn't eat, barely drank. Gave him a shot of penicillin and he's good as new. Except he drools a bit. Well, he drooled before too. So yeah, just like before!

Eric... he drools...

And finally, the fire place. This accounts for the droopy eyed look of the cats. We're burning coal, keeps the place nice and warm. Coal from a mine about a mile from here. About $50 a pick up truck load, we burn about a pale a day. You do the math, it cuts our heating bill way down!

Coal Burning Cast Iron Stove

Ok, I think that about covers it, Llama, cats, dogs, horses, trucks, cars, snow... yup :)

Its March now.. .I'm hoping to see the snow gone by June! Maybe July?

Yeah, looked out the window, its snowing again. Guess I'll go plug in the snow plow truck! Stay Tuned!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2011-03-02 12:43:36