Resilience, Rebuilding, and Recon!

This didn't start off on purpose, I was just thinking of what I should write about, and today's post title just came out. So I wrote it down on a note pad, laughed about it, then went about what I was doing. Then a bit later, I read a post on the ideaschema blog called Refresh, Renew, Redesign, Relaunch... wow, what's up with all the posts starting with R lately?

Resilience, a word I have been thinking about lately. I was thinking about it today on my little walk in the hayfield. As I was stumbling over the snow drifts, I was noticing I felt a bit stronger. Had a bit easier time bouncing back when I fell down.

A couple weeks ago, in the Revisions, Remorse, and Restarts post I talked about resilience a bit. I remember then I wasn't feeling it as much.

So then, what changed? I think "Hope" makes a difference. I was kind of down. Things weren't looking so good. My attitude sucked.

This week, I've been getting a bit more exercise, my body is juiced with endorphins, got a bit of sunshine, and life is good. I talked about how resilience is what gives you a bit of bounce back when things hit you. ..."cope with stress and adversity". Hmmm ok, so if you have a better system for coping with stress and adversity, that helps you be more resilient. Or if you change your attitude, and decide that some things just don't matter as much. And give your self permission to take a step back, and regroup, that helps too!

"Feel Good" leads to "less stress" which helps you to "cope with adversity" and that helps you "bounce back". I think I'll stop there before I start talking in circles again. This was more clear in my head, but it might end up a much shorter post than normal. Maybe that's a good thing?


So, if you've been watching my posts here, I'm coming up with a new plan. And just thinking about a plan is making me feel a lot better. Which in turn "fuels my resilience pump" as Bob Proctor once said.

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.
Henry David Thoreau

Advances confidently in the direction of his dreams. That's a powerful sentence, really. "Advances" means motion, you have to be moving! "Confidently", with a purpose, with strength, with style. Not meekly. This is yours, go take it! "In the direction of your dreams". This part is interesting to me. In the direction, not exactly a straight line, because success isn't always a perfect process. Sometimes you step in a hole, get bumped off course, life happens. But keep moving "in the direction" and every day you're a bit closer. And "Dreams", yeah, you gotta have dreams. Not just a vague idea of something that someday you'd like to do. You can't just want "better", or "shinier". You don't dream about better. You dream about doing something specific. In your dreams, you have emotions. That's why you wake up feeling different. In your dream, You Were THERE, in the moment. It was Real. Your brain can't tell the difference!


From a military viewpoint, the "recon" teams are the ones out in front of the action, finding a better path. So, in my context, "Recon" is my planning stage. By thinking of stuff now, it should make the actual execution of the plan a lot easier. Better yet, its about having a team, a coach, and a map.

Dreams work here too. You can see things in your mind, before they are real. In fact, everything started off in someones mind before it was real. Think about that! Everything you see around you, was a thought in someones mind once. So you see it in your mind, then you put some emotions behind it. Not just once, but often, through out the day. Sharpen the image, play with it. Ohhh yeah, Play with it, make it fun. Emotions, remember? How would it look? What does it FEEL like?

In the last month, I've looked around, up, down, ahead, behind. And Inside. If its not right inside, nothing is right. And when you're asking questions, stop to feel what it feels like, inside. Intuition, guts. You know inside, you just have to hear it.

Some things work. Some things do not work. The questions in my head have been deafening. So the first thing I had to really do is learn to ask better questions!

  • What works?
  • What doesn't work?
  • What is worth fixing?
  • What is best off walking away from, or burying so someone else doesn't get stuck with it? :)
  • Who can help me?
  • Who can I help / serve? Ohhhh good question!

    See how that works?

    Feeling useful is another "feel good thing". I'm a word guy, and that's the best I could come up with, go figure!

    But yeah, if you spend too much time thinking, and not enough time out doing something useful, for yourself, or for someone else, it gets ya bad feeling. Downward spiral.

    I'm not so sure I had a real point today, so sorry if you were looking for one! Maybe just the process I'm going through, you can get something from that, too. And remember the Letter R :)

    By Carlin Comm posted on 2011-03-11 18:38:25