San Diego Pictures from "Urban Camping"

So, this is really an excuse to write a quick post to show someone how to use the Wordpress Gallery function.

Its amazingly easy to do, actually! Like... One Word Easy!

In WordPress dashboard (I'm in Version 3.0.3 at the moment) you go to Media, then the Library section. Add New (media) which lets you select multiple pictures. Head the warning that they can't be too big, or the program will complain, and you'll see errors and no pictures.

Once the pictures are uploaded, you can assign them to the post, by using the "attach" feature. Here's the trick though, if you want to attach lots of pictures, check them all first. In fact, if you just uploaded a bunch of pictures, odds are they are all for a post you're working on, even better!

Click the Unattached link toward the top left of the page, which will then show all the pictures that are unattached. Then click on the very top check box, which will select all the following check boxes. Do a quick look at the list to see if they're all the ones, you may want to unselect a few. Then from the "Bulk Action" drop down menu there at the top left, choose Attach to Post, and hit the Apply button.

This next part is less than stellar. It wants you to Search for the post, instead of showing a list of posts. And the post has to have been saved once, but you can get a way with Save Draft (doing that now!) And you can just search for a partial name, so for this post I searched for San Diego. Ok there it is.

Select that post from the list, and hit the blue Select button at the bottom. Now as luck would have it, there were more pictures than would have fit on the first page, so I'll have to do it one more time for the remaining pictures. Select them, bulk action, attach to post, apply. Search, Select, ok good!

Just to be sure, look at the Library now, showing "All", and you'll see your long list of wonderful photos, and they should all say attached to the post you chose. Good.

Well, so far so good, there's one last thing to do.

This only seems to work in HTML view on the Post Editor window. Just type in [gallery] (be sure to include the square brackets!) and WordPress then goes into Magic Mode. It looks in the Library, and finds all the pictures attached to this post, and it automagically creates a gallery of all those pictures for you, including making the thumbnails and everything. Sweet!

And here they are!
Oh, and if you are wondering, these are the pictures I took on the trip that Urban Camping, the book, was based on. You can buy that book here:

Of course, this is no longer a Wordpress blog, so the "gallery" feature doesn't work here! But you get the idea!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2011-03-1