My Crack Habit.... er... Camera Habit :)

I am practicing today! Even though I'm planning this big epic round the world trip by motorcycle, I have a bad habit of staying inside too much. I live on the top floor of an apartment building, and have this little deck right out side of my "office", and I hardly ever get out there! Its been kind of hot lately, well, hot for Canada, anyway. So here I am, in one of my folding lawn chairs, on the deck, with my laptop. Life is good :)

Anyway, back to the blog, right?

Other posts have talked about all the money I've been spending on stuff for the trip. This one is just about the camera gear I'm putting together. Since I am a photographer, I spent too much money upgrading my cameras! I've been reading a lot of the travel blogs by people who have been to places I want to go, and one thing I kept thinking is I really want to get great pictures of these places. I have a small point and shoot Canon camera, which does take nice pictures, and I end up using it often, because its small enough to actually have with me.

But I used to be a wedding photographer, so I'm partial to a "real" camera. I had a Canon 30D, and a newer Digital Rebel, but kind of wanted a better camera. Was looking at the Canon 5D, then I happened to see some of the older Canon 1D Mkii going for a good price.

In the Canon world, there is the consumer level Rebel, then there is the 30D, 40D, 50D etc family, then there is the 5D, and finally the 1D family. The 1D family is the absolute top of the line, what a Professional would take to a war zone. They have waterproofing on all the covers, are made from a full metal body, and just over all tougher construction. To buy a New Canon 1D, it would run around $6000 for just the body, that might include a battery, but no lens. So imagine my surprise when I saw a 1D Mkii for less than $1000 on Ebay. The 1D Mkii is a few years old, but still. Hmmm not much more than what I planned to spend on a 5D... hmmmm... droool :) So about the time I knew I was going to win the auction, it occurred to me that my lens wouldn't work on it... in the Rebel family, Canon released a series of lens (EF-S vs. the EF series) that was much less expensive, but were not compatible with the pro cameras. A pro lens will work on the Rebel, just not the other way. So, I went from buying a new camera, to needing some new lens (plural of course) more batteries, and other odds and ends. Cameras are like a Crack drug habit. You always need more. And they cost about the same too I think! Worse though, you find yourself justifying things... like, I'll sell this other camera, and then buy a new one... well, I sold one camera, bought 1 camera, and 3 lens so far!

I did make the decision not to do video for this trip. See, in addition to doing wedding photography, I also do wedding video. I really wanted to do video on the trip, but then started looking at how big everything was going to be, and how small the motorcycle was... and the thought of all that gear, bouncing around on dirt roads, in a rain forest, or getting stolen... In my digital photography kit, I have about $2500 total right now, with the 2 cameras, the 4 lens, etc. In my video kit, my camera itself is about $2500, plus... accessories! I will probably still take the small Canon video camera, and I have a really little "bumper" camera I will probably take, just to get some cool video with, but the big camera will get sold.

That brings me to a situation. I have 2 more weddings to video this summer before I leave. The last one is a week AFTER my apartment lease expires, and I've already turned in my notice. So I'll be staying out on Mom's farm after I move out, come back, shoot the last wedding, go back to the farm, edit the last wedding, and then hit the road. Which also means I can't sell the video camera until the very end. I'm sure I'll talk about that later!

I'm really looking forward to hitting the road, and getting some really awesome pictures :)

By Carlin Comm posted on 2012-06-22