Food, Water, Coffee And NOT Cooking

I really hate to cook. So, with all the planning, and cool stuff, like making a sleeping bag, and buying ammo cans, and what ever other distractions I can come up with, thinking about food isn't really high on my list of priorities. Which is weird, because I like to eat, but I don't like to think about food. Like, at home, when I shop, I go to Costco, get a 30 pack of frozen burritos, a case of chili, and a couple loafs of bread, and I'm good!

If money was not an issue, I'd hit a drive through and make my life a lot simpler. If money was not an issue, this trip wouldn't be nearly the adventure though!

The challenge is translating a frozen / microwave lifestyle, to something that can work on the road, in the wild. When I used to go van camping, I'd have a 12 volt electric cooler and my microwave. Life was simple!

I have a fabric insulated lunch bag I'll probably use as my cooler. I got it for free or cheap, I can't remember now, probably free. Its not very well insulated, but I don't plan on carrying a lot of fresh food with me anyway. I'll be in bear country for a while. Mostly I'll be eating canned food, and carrying only a few days at most of food at a time. Mixed Nuts and Trail Mix are pretty tough to screw up. I can be quite happy eating tuna or chili straight from the can. My 3 step plan. Open the can, eat the food, properly dispose of the can.

Coffee... I bought a cool blue enamel coffee perc a while back on Ebay, and 4 matching cups. I really like to just sit and drink coffee. Still not sure if I'll actually take them along, as they will take up space. I may very well switch to green tea again, and stop drinking coffee. I had done that before. I'll probably take a thermos with me, and fill up with coffee at truck stops. Simpler!

I have a butane camp stove, but it takes up space. I bought the stove when I was planning on living in my motorhome. I expect there will be quite the pile of stuff that I've bought in the last 6 months that I just won't take with me!

I found a cool gadget from Camelbak I'll be using on the trip, a Water Purifier that uses UV light. What they did is take a regular Camelbak water bottle, and build the UV light into the cap. It comes with a prefilter, so you can fill it up in a stream or what ever, the UV light zaps all the little bugs, and after a minute its supposed to be safe to drink. I also own a Brita water filter pitcher, and I'm thinking if I used them both, so maybe the Brita first, then the UV to kill it good, I should be ok. I'll also have some Camelbak water bags that I bought from a military surplus, and some 1 and 2 quart canteens, so will fill up when ever I have clean water available. Water is heavy, but its good to have at least a gallon ready to drink, just in case I break down somewhere.

And since when I'm camping I always get rained on, all I really need is a way to catch rain water for drinking, and I'm all set!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2012-06-22