An Immovable Mountain


Since people will read this, I won't write most of the bad words I want to write here... maybe someday I'll publish my actual memoirs... or not!

At any rate, here it is, the 20th of August, 2012, and I'm STILL not on the road yet.

Part of that is because editing and making the disks for the last 2 weddings took longer than I had planned on, and part is because I'm just having such a horrible time loading the gear on the motorcycle.

This blog isn't about Weddings, so I'll skip that part. But if you're interested, I probably will shoot an occasional wedding from time to time. And I can definitely edit them on my laptops!

Which is kind of the problem I guess. I'm not just "motorcycle camping", which would be practical. And the camping gear takes up a good amount of space.

And cans of food are heavy. At least I don't have to deal with ice and coolers. But I have a butane stove, and cans of fuel for that. Its pretty awesome, but the cans take up space.

But when you add all that, and then also want to take... 2 laptops, 2 Digital SLR cameras, various lenses, video cameras, and then all the assorted chargers, batteries, extra batteries, inverter, plus waterproof cases and padding... again, I say URG!

A few days ago I did a test ride, with some of the gear loaded. That is the picture above. It is only SOME of the gear. There is more. Its everywhere. I think the piles are breeding or something. I'm afraid.

The test ride. At first it was kind of freaky, but I got used to it. Did some loose gravel, a little ride through the hay field, and really it wasn't so bad. Then after my happy dance, I walked inside and looked at the REST of the gear.

Forget, for a moment, the physical space of where to mount this extra stuff. Most of the weight is in the back of the motorcycle. That is not good for safe riding. Balance is kind of a big deal with a motorcycle. If too much weight is in the back, there isn't enough traction on the front wheel to go in a straight line. Especially bad in gravel, or side winds. Or when a big truck blows past me. All of which are bad enough on a good day.

Anyway, I had planned on having the last wedding done, edited, duplicated, and shipped today. That after my deadline of the 15th slid by me. Well, same month still right?

In a way this isn't so bad. Today I ignored the motorcycle. I needed a mental health day. Hoping if I come back to it with fresh eyes, I'll see a better way. I think I may just duct tape things where they fit, not worry so much about if its a proper place. I have some black Gaff tape, it kind of looks good that way.

In the mean time, I have some other projects that needed finishing up.

For example, I have some DVD's for sale, that were shot YEARS ago, that for what ever reason, just never got put up online.

If you're curious, go buy a few here!
Oh, you might as well buy my book too...
you know, if you want to, that is... ;)

And it looks like I'm almost done the weddings. I have a pile of disks burned and printed and in cases. They're pretty.

Tomorrow might be the day :)

By Carlin Comm posted on 2012-08-20