More Updates

So, yeah, its been about 6 or 7 weeks since my last post.

Its going to be great to hit the road, get into my own groove, and maybe I'll have time to write!

In the last couple of months, wow, lots has happened.

I went on a trial camping trip.
I moved out of my apartment, onto my Mom's farm.
I shot and am editing 2 wedding videos.
Quit my job.
Got rid of a LOT of stuff.
Should have gotten rid of Lots more stuff!

At the moment, I'm almost finished the last wedding I'll be shooting. The edit went well, sort of. If you ignore the fact my main editing computer died. Other than that, things are going great!

Its good that I have a military back ground. That has given me a broader vocabulary (no idea if I spelled that right, spell check thinks its ok, which is a sign I guessed at the wrong word! haha) But beyond the choice words I can spew, thanks to my Sailor days, I also learned a good word... Redundancy. I think that might be from the root word "Dunce"

No matter, I've learned that its good to have spares for things. When I built my edit computer, I built a near exact duplicate. So when the first one died, I had a spare to pull parts from. That actually didn't work, but no matter, since that time I have bought a laptop that also has the same edit software on it. And then recently I got another laptop, which can also do editing, and disk duplicating. So assuming I don't get attached by rabid monks in the next 13 hours, this wedding should get finished! Oh great, I probably just jinxed myself.

The move was interesting. I have to thank my Mom for being a real trooper. She helped me a lot. I lived on the 4th floor. Gravity is on our side moving down, but its still a lot of stairs. And most of my stuff would be lethal should I just happen to throw it off the balcony, so I resisted the temptation. Was difficult though.

One thing I do love about apartment life, especially in the kinds of places I often live in, is if you have something that you don't feel like carrying down the stairs, you just leave it out in the hall way, and within about 29 minutes, average time, results not independently verified by anyone, that stuff is no longer your problem. After I had seeded the hall a few times, I had stuff that was probably gone in 3 or 4 minutes. I had to be careful though, I didn't want anyone actually following me back to my apartment, because there was a few things I did still need to keep!

Then there was my Mom. See, there's a lot of stuff that I no longer want. Some I have moved on too many moves already. Some stuff was heavy. Some I just was tired of seeing. So I had planned on getting rid of most of it. Except my Mom wanted to save it. Sigh. Ok, now we have to carry it down the stairs, move it to the farm, carry it into...somewhere, stack it, sort it, and then I'm sure in a few years when she retires and leaves the farm, I'll get to come carry it to somewhere else. Otherwise, she really was a big help! Motivation or emotional support is nice on a move.

Really, I hate moving. That may actually be why I decided to just get rid of my stuff and do that whole motorcycle thing. Less stuff to pack. Unless you read my other post, where I still have too much stuff. I'm kind of hoping I hit a few good bumps and some of it just falls off somewhere. I probably won't miss it!

A few days ago, I was out looking at the pile of stuff I am trying to fit on the motorcycle. I needed a break, so I picked a fun diversion. I made a small shelf that can be velcroed to the side of one of the cases. Its just enough to hang a laptop on. So I grabbed my lawn chair, and checked my email for a while. Then I leaned back, and relaxed. It was nice. I had my laptop, a nice chair, some sun, a bit of breeze, and for just a few minutes, none of the other crap bugged me. That, in its essence, is what this trip is all about. Just chill for a while, next to a stream or in a meadow, and be still.

And if I get my act together, tomorrow, I'll be on the road. I'll post once I am ready to leave, then I'll do updates when I can.

Stay Tuned!

PS If you were wondering about the TSP, its a great cleaner! Its usually found in a paint store. it will take grease and tar off, makes quick work of cleaning walls, etc. Cost about $3 for a pound, and its almost guaranteed you'll get your apartment deposit back. Works as a decent oven cleaner too!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2012-08-21