Oh The Stories I will tell

Ok, this is the quick update post, and I'm planning to write a longer post later today, so hang in there ok?

I'm currently at a RV Park, in Alaska, that has Laundry, Showers, and Internet. Guess what 3 things I have not had since I left home?? Yeah, I'm very excited!

I was kind of surprised that most areas, even the bigger towns and cities, did not have cell coverage. But the first couple of weeks have been some very VERY remote. As I work myself back south, things will be a lot more civilized.

Highlights for now, details later, ok?

Wow, its hard to roll the last 2 weeks up into a quick post. Feels like a hundred years. I have been in a tent every night except one, when I was broke down and slept in a truck garage of a highway construction company.

I've covered over 5000 KM (around 3000 miles) already.

I've been through northern Alberta, crossed northern British Columbia, a good chunk of the Yukon, lots of Northwest Territories, and have seen some of Alaska already. And its only been a couple of weeks.

Today is the first "down" day I've taken. As in not riding the bike very much. Most days I don't get out of camp before 11am, but often I'm awake by 7 or 8am. It takes a while to break everything down and pack it back onto the motorcycle. And I'm never fast moving in the morning anyway! Then if there is any maintenance to be done on the bike, that slows me down too.

Its too bad I didn't get more chance to do practice rides before taking off, but time and weather / seasons didn't permit. There are probably things I'd do differently, or I'd bring different gear with me. But you can just never really know what to expect until you jump off and go.

One thing I'd definitely do differently, or recommend to someone else who is preparing for a similar trip, is to start light, and buy what you need as you go. I bought way too much stuff, in the last 6 months prior to the trip, and ended up leaving a LOT of it at the farm. There is still stuff I'll probably be getting rid of. But its hard to know until you've been out a week or two.

Things I'm very glad I do have - my winter fleece sweater top. Have worn it almost every day, either just around camp when I take my jacket off, or lately under my jacket. I have never second guessed all the riding gear I bought. The jacket, pants, body armor, boots, helmet, worth every penny. The camping gear that I either bought or made has all been working awesomely. The sleeping bag I made, very toasty. One morning I decided to really test it, so I slept under the stars, on top of a picnic table. It had rained on me the night before, so a lot of my gear, tent etc were wet, and the ground was wet, but the stars were out so I decided to skip the tent. I woke up the next morning with FROST on my sleeping bag, but I was pretty comfortable. Cool right? Also, the air mattress, totally worth it, in both terms of weight, space, and cost. When inflated, it puts me around 6 inches above the ground. And twice now I've either had frost, or actual ice on things, and let me say, its very nice not to be sleeping on the cold ground!

Ok, laundry is done, so now I have some clean clothes to put on. Its time for my FIRST SHOWER since leaving home. A damp rag wipe down just isn't the same...

I'm planning to write more later today, deal?

Bye for now!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2012-09-4