Northern BC

August 25, 2012

The next morning I got rolling, somewhere around 10 to 11am again. Never been an early riser! Made it to Fort St. John, BC in good time, then was onto the Alaska Highway. The actual Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway is in Dawson Creek, BC, so I missed the first few miles.

Many of the towns are listed by what mile they are on, so you'll see on a fuel receipt Mile 780 or what ever. In fact, there are fuel stops that are only listed by their mile number. Then Canada went Metric back in the 70s, and the Canadian portion of the Alaska Highway is marked in KM markers instead of Mile markers. What I can say, though, is it feels like you're making better time in Canada! You see a sign that says 100 km to some place, and that's usually only an hour away.

The next fuel stop, after the one back in Rycroft, AB, was Shepherds Inn, BC, at.. wait for it, Mile 72 1/2 on the Alaska Highway. As I remember it, I seemed like I was still too full in Fort St. John, then as I got out of town I started remembering the warnings to stop and buy gas when you see it, just in case. In some areas, when you're pulling out of a town, there will be a sign, Next Gas in xx miles or what ever. And since I'd not really researched the northern part of my trip so well, I thought I'd better stop now.

Some people at the gas pump had a good laugh at me with my loaded down bike, especially because I parked too close to the pump, and then had the worst time getting off. Normally on a bike, you stand beside the bike and just swing your foot over the seat to get on, and the reverse getting off. On my bike, I have so much stuff on the back, you'd have to be Jackie Chen to get your leg over it all, so I've adopted more of an Angus Young approach. Stick leg out and hop hop hop over the seat. Its not pretty but it works. The added weight and bulk of my boots and riding gear does nothing for my grace, let me tell you.

A few hours later it was Fort Nelson for another tank of gas, and right next to the gas station was an A&W. By now I was pretty hungry, and needed a break from Chili and Tuna, so a couple burgers and a rootbeer float really hit the spot. I ate out in the parking lot, it felt good to just stand up a while, and its a pain to take off all the riding gear to sit down in a restaraunt. As I was driving away, I noticed they had free wifi. Wish I'd seen that earlier! Oh well.

After Fort Nelson, I didn't see cell signal for a while.

Camp night 3 near the Muskwa river.

For the next little while, the Alaska Highway crosses back and forth from BC to the Yukon Territory a few times.

Compared to the earlier Alberta post this feels really short I guess! Just a bunch of driving, some construction, buying gas, and setting up camp.

The next post will be in the Yukon, so be ready, its gold fever time!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2012-09-5