Belize Blog Post 2 - The Dragon starts to Drag

Day 11 - 20th
Ok, this will be quick, I'm located at Paradise Resort, ( at Placencia, Belize. More on that later, but I need to get this posted and then I'll write more. Stay tuned!

Had a fish taco, and some ice cream for supper. Ice cream not super awesome, but the fish taco was perfect.

Dad and I shared a room, it was somewhere around $50~ US per night. The snorkling and kayak were free, so I'll do that tomorrow.

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Day 12 - 21st
Went Kayaking today.

I also took snorkling gear, but decided not to use it. I kayaked around the small island in front of Paradise Resort, I think I may have gone over a mile, maybe more. Had some decent waves and some head wind, so that made life interesting. In all I was out almost exactly an hour.

We drove home in the afternoon.

Day 13 - 22nd
6:47 PM 22-Oct-2012 - Monday
Feel slow today, just no energy. I suspect I may have worn my self out more than I thought when I did the kayaking. Between the paddling, and being wet from the rain, I may have lost a lot of energy. Then I didn't eat as much that day.

Today we got a new circuit wired into the Guest House. Up until now, we've been unplugging the kitchen stove to run the welder (same plug). Today we wired in a new circuit breaker to the breaker box, then pulled 40 feet of wire through conduit out toward where we use the welder, in front of John's room. John built an extended deck, just for use as a work space.

I may write more about that later, but at the moment I'm tired, feel like I might have a bit of a feaver. John and Dad both say they're not at 100% either, so lots of fluids, rest, and we'll see how we do.

Day 14 - 23rd
7:14 PM 23-Oct-2012 - Tuesday

We worked on the gate today. This is still the "temporary" gate. Which is a joke really. The gate was built last year some time, and it immediately warped. So support cables were added, so the warp developed a curl. Anyway, the current attempt is to cut the gate in half, so each half is around 9 to 10 feet long, vs. the impossible 20 feet span. When I say impossible, I'm sure its not impossible, but perhaps making it out of wood was a poor choice.

Anyway, if it was my project, I'd have scrapped the whole thing, and bought a livestock gate from a local agriculture supply store. Spend a few bucks, been done. So now we're in it for the first build, then I got to dig a hole, and we poured concrete and set a post for the second side, then today we spent all day rebuilding half of the gate, still not done.

Keep in mind this is not the final gate. None of what we have worked on will be used on the final gate. What a waste of time.

I'm learning the bad side of volunteer labor projects. There is no respect for hours of labor, if it saves a dollar. This will be my last volunteer project.

Day 15 - 24th
9:20 PM 24-Oct-2012

Yay, I have a keyboard now! May not seem like much, but if you're used to a "real" keyboard, typing on a laptop is always a bit painful. I decided to cut a few corners coming down to Belize, and one was to leave my keyboard behind. Now keep in mind, I carried my keyboard on the motorcycle up past the Arctic Circle... just saying!

Dad and I drove up to the airport today to pick up Dan, also from Wenatchee. Really looking forward to working with Dan, as he actually knows how to build a metal roof, and a bunch of other stuff.

While we were up by Belize City, we found a real, world class hardware store. This place would look good in any city in the civilized world. That's not right. Belize is kind of civilized, but still, things are kind of bush league... jungle league here? So picked up a few things I've been wanting, like a good rechargable flashlight, an electronics multi-meter, some garden hose fittings. Honestly, none of this is earth shattering, things to blog about, except it was all in one place, we didn't need to drive to 3 other stores. It was nice to walk around in an air conditioned, clean, well lit, well organized store. Kind of funny to show that place to Dan in his first hour in country. The rest will be a bit of a let down!

On the way back from the airport we stopped at a road side restaraunt called "Cheers". Same logo as the TV show of the same name, only they added "With a tropical twist". We had good lunch, for the 3 of us, and the total was somewhere around $20 US for food and soft drinks. And it was very good too. They even had wifi, but of course I didn't bring my laptop. I may just have to start carrying it with me everywhere.

The rest of the day was spent on errands and shopping. We stopped at the Home and let Dan meet some of the kids, then we got some groceries, stopped at the wireless phone place, where Dan got a new phone, and I found this keyboard I'm typing on. I asked some questions about wireless internet services, and the phone guys sent us upstairs to talk to a computer internet shop. The shop owner gave us some good info on a wireless internet provider that he uses. What we're hoping is to get internet out to the new site. In addition to just being nice to have, its a vital tool for researching projects. Stuff like tool instructions, specs, product descriptions, diagrams. Once you're hooked, its hard to imagine working without internet. In the 2 weeks I've been in Belize, I only had my laptop with me once that we had internet, but I have seen several restaraunts that had wifi.

One of the trucks we've been driving has been leaking power steering fluid, so we're going to try to find a place to rebuild or replace the hose. The other truck has a bent bumper, so we're also planning to have it repaired tomorrow. And in the afternoon, we're going back to the airport to pick up my Sister Brenda. So we may not get a lot of actual work done tomorrow either. But that's the way it goes. Some days we are productive, some days are more support and maintenance days. Soon we'll be busy, so think of today as a "sharpening the axe day".

But for now, its after 9pm, and I'm still awake. Nice that it was an easy day today, I'm not exhausted!

Day 16 - 25th
8:51 PM 25-Oct-2012
Dad took the white truck to get the bumper repaired. Some unknown dirtbag must have tried to tow a bolder or something, as the whole bumper was twisted almost 90 degrees. Rather than actually trying to straighten the bumper, our welding friend Pedro build a new bumper out of square steel tubing that Dad bought. Turned out looking really nice. Kind of makes you want to go looking for something to back into...

I spent most of the day working on the gate. Enough said.

That was about it today. The less said the better.

Day 17 - 26th
6:55 PM 26-Oct-2012 - Friday

Guess what I did today. All Day.

Ok I'll tell you. I fixed the gate. Well, not really fixed, but I did improve it considerably. That's about it. I could probably go into details, but its embarrassing how much time has been spent already. Next time I'll just say no.

Hot day in the sun, its almost 7pm on a Friday evening, and I'm wiped out. Early to bed...

Day 18 - 27th
5:49 PM 27-Oct-2012
We don't work on Saturday (the organization is run by Seventh Day Adventists, so they keep Saturday as the Sabbath, vs. Sunday) So we went out on a drive in the afternoon, I got to show Dan some of the sights. We went across the hand cranked ferry, and after we'd drove a few miles past it, he realized he forgot to take the picture. So that's twice I've forgotten my camera, so we'll have to go try that again!

Anyway, will keep this post short so I can post it while I have internet. By for now!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2012-10-27