Belize Blog Post 4 - Write Something Profound Here...

Day 23 - 1st Thursday
7:24 PM 01-Nov-2012

Dan and I poured another post today (the 3rd concrete post so far), and the last footing for the line of posts we're working on. We decided that if we worked hard in the morning we'd take the afternoon off.

We needed to pick up some more concrete mix in town anyway, so we took our laptops, got the concrete, then spent a couple hours at the Chinese restaurant getting caught up on email.

We also stopped at the kids home to fix a swing, but then realized the kids took the chain we needed.

Not much else to say about that I guess!

While we were at the Chinese place, I realized I still hadn't gotten any pictures ready to upload for the blog, so tonight I took care of that. Perhaps next time I'll get some pictures up for sharing. Maybe.

Anyway, that's about it for now.

Day 24 - 2nd Friday
7:38 PM 02-Nov-2012

I've been having this idea for making a photo page for my blog for a few months now, but never had time to really write the code. I've experimented with some of what is already available, and sometimes its just more satisfying to make something myself. Today I started roughing out the idea a bit, but that's not something that's easy to do a little bit at a time. So many things I like to do, just aren't getting done on this trip, just because I'm wasting "prime time" digging holes. Grunt work doesn't need much concentration. Bit frustrating.

We did some more concrete work, poured another post today. Think we have 4 done now, with another 6 or 7 to go. Now its kind of a pain in the butt, because we only made one form, and we really can't do more than one pour per day.

Dad and Chuck (Another Wenatchee volunteer who has been here a few days) are building foot lockers for the kids. The kids in the home really have no personal space, and no where to keep any of their personal belongings. So just even a simple lockable box is a big deal to them. There had been lots of boxes, but now there are a whole bunch new kids. I hear the kids paint the boxes up all fancy and personalize them. Today Chuck was gone most of the day, so I helped build some of the boxes. Lots of cutting, a big pile of sawdust, and a few boxes. With the cost of lumber, I wonder if the boxes are worth more than what they're putting inside?

Then again, if you have nothing, anything you put in the box is all you have in the world. How do you put a price on that? I guess I can relate to that, when I was on the motorcycle, everything on the bike was my whole world too.

I saw the cutest little scorpion in my room tonight, I was moving things around, and thought it was dead, I was going to brush it out of the way with my glove, when it reared up its stinger. So I squashed it. The whole thing would have fit on my thumb to the first knuckle.

Dad and I walked around the property a bit tonight just before dark, we'd never looked at the back half before. There has been a crew clearing out the tall grass, so now at least we can see what we're stepping on! There is a lot of trees planted, and even a few bananas growing. By the time the kids are here, they might get some fresh fruit from their own back yard.

Guess that's about it for now.

Parting thought - I miss going to Costco. Seems none of what I normally eat is easy to find here.

Day 25 - 3rd Saturday
9:11 PM 03-Nov-2012
Normal Saturday Routine.
We are in the habit of waking up early, but don't go to church till about 9:30am, so there is time to eat breakfast, drink coffee, and stare off into space a while.

Once at church, which is full to overflowing with happy kids, its a choice between being jammed in, or standing in the back. I usually stand in the back, I'm not so good at sitting still with that many people.

Back at the new home, we eat lazy lunch, then wander off in various directions. Usually results in naps.

Tonight Dad and I drove into town to check out another restaruant. They did have wif, but I think I like the Chinese place better. Less people, its quieter, so better for getting work done. Still, the idea that my Dad and I are sitting there surfing the web, and not really talking to each other, is kind of funny.

Back to the place by 9pm, and its another day done.

Since I had just posted to the blog, I decided not to this time.

I'm working on coding for a Photo Gallery page, but didn't get around to testing it tonight. Kind of hard to write code if you can't test it, and then hard to test code in a busy place. I need my solitude.

Day 26 - 4th Sunday
7:48 PM 04-Nov-2012
Dan and I went into town today looking for an open hardware store. None were open, but we did find a small Chinese store that was selling bikes and other stuff. We needed some hose clamps to repair a garden hose, and eventually did find some.

Then we went over to see the kids, so we could fix a swing. While I was doing that, Dan was drafted to go drive the school bus, the kids were going to some kind of harvest festival. That worked out good, as there were not many kids left to try to swing while I was fixing.

Got the swing fixed, then I got volunteered to drive a couple of the girls over to the store, they had birthday's coming up, so they wanted to buy cake mix to make birthday cakes. That fulfilled my shopping needs for another 5 years at least.

All that was before lunch time. We got back to our place around time to eat, then we spent the afternoon doing another concrete pillar for the new gate. I think we're about half done now, the rest should go pretty fast, hopefully.

Chuck went into town tonight and brought back pizza and wings for us. All in all not a terrible day, for a Sunday.

Day 27 - 5th Monday
Today is the day! We are supposed to get lumber delivered today. Well, actually, the lumber was ordered a week ago, and was supposed to be here on Friday.

Ok, well never mind. The lumber didn't get here today either. My bet, on Friday, was the lumber wouldn't get delivered until Tuesday. I've lived in the tropics before, nothing ever happens when you think it should, no matter how much the other person promises. So we'll see!

And no one is taking bets on when we see the metal for the roof.

In other news, we did another concrete post, keeping up our 1 a day pace. There are 3 left, so we expect them to be done by Thursday of this week. But that could, you know, change.

Lets see, what else happened. Dad took Stanley to the airport. Stanley is the guy who will be bringing down a school bus full of stuff that we need. There will be scaffolding, a welder, some ladders, and some more tools. He went up there the day after we got here, and after lots of driving around and several false starts, realized the paperwork for the bus wasn't in order, and he wasn't able to cross the border.

Welcome to the Jungle.

Our current thought is that by the time we get a welder, I will be the only one who might be able to use it. I've welded a total of 4 welding rods. I'll be welding the roof on. This should be interesting!

Day 28 - 6th Tuesday
I am told the bus with the welder, scaffolds, and ladders, will be here by Monday. We'll see. I am betting that we won't see the bus before Thursday the 15th.

Speaking of bets, the truck of lumber got here today at 2:00 pm. There was 7 or 8 of us, plus the 2 drivers, and we had our lumber unloaded in about half an hour, by hand. Its wet, heavy, and most likely will warp pretty badly. I suspect this is what the gate was built from.

The lumber will be used to build a porch in front of one of the buildings. So technically in my first month in Belize, I have still not done one thing I came here to do.

We took the truck and welder back today. So until the new welder gets here, we won't be doing any more welding. Not really a big deal, since we don't have any metal to work with anyway.

I wonder how people adapt to working in a place like this. I hope I never adapt.

In other news, we poured another post today for the gate project. Seems there is lots of non essential stuff getting done lately. I don't really agree with this stuff. We need a place for the kids to live. Gates and porches and all this other fluff isn't making progress. Spending lots of money, wasting time. Hopeless.

2 more posts to go.
That would be posts in the gate, not blog posts. There will be lots of those!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2012-11-7