Goals, Plans and finding your Guiding Star

As I sit here on the deck, I feel that I have made some good decisions in my life. Some not so good, too, to be sure!

The sun is almost too bright in my eyes, but it feels good. A gentle breeze rustles the remaining leaves. Its warm and beautiful today. Not like in Alberta where my Mom lives, where her car is buried in snow and may stay that way for a while! Nope, I don't miss the cold and snow.

Goals, Plans and finding your Guiding Star

Its a new year. Always a time of reflection, planning, resolutions, and improvement. We look back, briefly to see what worked, what didn't, and what lessons there are to be learned. And we look forward and make plans. But how do we choose?

I wish I could remember where I learned this from, but lets call it a Guiding Star, like for Navigation. You choose one Master Destination, an Ultimate Goal. The most important part of your life. It could be a business decision, a relationship, or self improvement. It may be elements of all 3, perhaps!

This part is important:

Make this decision ONCE!

Consider... you are planning a trip. Perhaps you want to go to Miami. Its nice there, sun, beaches. Maybe its even for business purposes. You have various ways of getting there, you could fly, drive, take a train, a bus, or even walk. Some choices will be easier to eliminate than others. If you have 3 weeks to get there, maybe walking isn't reasonable.

Perhaps the reason you are going has a dead line or schedule. So you know if you're there too late, you've missed the opportunity, so that will impact your choices.

Once you are "there" where will you stay? What will you do? Will you meet anyone? Any other interesting things you could do while there? What about distractions that may reduce your enjoyment or interfere with you achieving the goal entirely?

By making the most important choice first, we can see what other choices align with that. Maybe there are some complimentary choices you could make, sort of like Up Sells. Maybe by extending your stay by a day, you could go see some sights, you know, while you're there. You may even find other like minded people whose company you'll enjoy. The possibilities are endless!

Its all good, but beware! There may also be choices that distract from your REAL REASON. If you're actually going for business, don't get seduced by the beaches. Don't stay out all night exploring the clubs. Stay true to your journey.

Its remarkably simple in theory. Its the execution, in the trenches, where we need to check our heading at times. Does this next choice bring me closer to my goal? Am I still true to my Star?

All the best in 2014!
Best Wishes, Always

By Carlin Comm posted on 2014-01-4