Today is an Awesome Day!

Ok, really, today Rocked!

Let me tell you about it ok? First off, I woke up like crazy early, like about 6 am. I don't know how you peeps with jobs put up with that. But it was nice, I saw the sun rise. I've heard people talking about it like it was a big deal, and I'm glad I got to see it again. Usually in my world, if I see a sun rise, its because I'm up watching TV shows over on or maybe working a late night.

So I woke up early. Why, you ask? Well, I'm playing around with a new service idea that I may be offering to my Peeps that travel, as part of my Virtual Carlin line of personalized services. Good friend and Amazing Tweep Charissa aka @charissacowart aka Agent Sparkles was out in Vegas this weekend... can you believe she went with out me! Anyway, she was Vegas for #monstervegastweetup (yeah, what ever right? hehe) so I was sending her text messages and emails of her flight status, the airport terminal maps for her plane changes, weather updates, and what ever else I could come up with. Then while she was on the plane, I figured out detailed directions so she could find things like the bathroom, coffee shop, and the tram that went from one part of the terminal to the other. By the time she landed, she had a whole briefing waiting for her on her phone.

Now, granted, none of the info I sent her was tough to find, but it is way easier to do from here, with my dual monitors and a desk to sit at, than it is on a phone while trying to dodge wheel chairs and baggage carts right?

Ok, once Charissa was on her second leg of the flight, I had planned to cruise over to Costco to buy some cans of Tuna. Hmmm Flat tire on the van. Well, not quite flat, but way low. Ok, no big deal, really. The sun is out, its a nice day, and I'm in no hurry. Perfect time for a tire changing exercise right? Lets see, first make sure the spare isn't flat. Good pressure, nice! Dig out jack and tools... oh cool, the van came with my favorite 4 way lug wrench, way better than those stupid L wrenches. Bonus points, I even have the secret key tool to unlock the lugs on the fancy wheels. Get the tire changed, put the tools away, go back inside and wash up.

Check the time, Charissa's flight should be close. I go check the tracking website here - - Oh cool, she's about 20 miles from the air port. Perfect timing! Check local weather and get the correct time zone, send her a quick text just as she lands, so when she powers up her phone, she's got all the relevant info. No sense her being stuck on Vegas time right?

Ok, now off to Costco. Now this always seems funny to me, to go to Costco and buy 1 item. In fact, the 2 ladies ahead of me were joking that I'd probably get sent back to buy something else, as I was under the minimum limit! In all fairness, though, the 1 item was actually a 12 pack, so I guess that counts right? Prior to going, I had checked my PayPal balance, and had EXACTLY $11 in there. Using my awesome PayPal Debit card, I go buy my 12 pack of Tuna, which was priced at $10.99. I had a pocket full of change, but in WA state, food doesn't have sales tax, so I had a penny to spare. Perfect! Oh, and get this, while there I talked to the Peeps at Costco tire center, its only $4.00 for them to repair my tire. I didn't have $4 left today, so I'll go back, but I'm thinking that $4 is an amazing low price. So I'll be heading back there shortly!

And to all those out there who wonder if a person really can make money on the internet, well, the money I used to buy the Tuna came directly from my Virtual Carlin line of personalized services. Well, actually my Mom sent it, but she sent it through that post's link! And I did help her with some computer stuff once, so I guess she figured we're even now! Thanks Mom!

Wow, I wonder what Tomorrow will bring?

Thanks for Reading!


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By Carlin Comm posted on 2009-06-08 21:30:06