Mexico by Bus

Mexico 1 - Buses to Mazatlan - Si!

By Carlin Comm posted on 2013-02-25

Belize Day 135
Mexico Day 0
Thursday, 21st of February, 2013

Well, tomorrow I'm leaving Belize. Seems like I've been here forever, and yet not at the same time. I'm so used to moving this is almost normal, and yet, the unknown. This last few mon ... Click to read the rest

Mexico 2 - Mazatlan to San Diego to Seattle

By Carlin Comm posted on 2013-03-5

Mexico Day 4
Monday, 25th of February, 2013

Ok, its morning, and I'm on a mission, so will keep this short, Si? :)

Last night, I decided I'd cut my time short here in Mazatlan, and get closer to home.

There is a ferry that crosses from Maz ... Click to read the rest